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Holidays and Tourism

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a short holiday
package tour
a holiday organized by a company at a fixed price that includes visits to a number of different places, travel to the starting point of the holiday and the travel during it
fly-drive holiday
a holiday arranged at a fixed price that includes your flight to a place, a car to drive while you are there, and a place to stay
tailor-made holiday
a holiday where arrangements for travel and accomodation are made specifically for you, so that you can choose exactly what you like
house exchange
a holiday in which two people or families go and stay in each other's houses
a holiday on a large ship
a trip to see or hunt wild animals, especially in Africa
the activity of travelling for pleasure, usually without very much money, and carrying a backpack
adventure holiday
a holiday in which you spend all your time outdoors, doing something such as travel in a wild area of a country or cycle across a desert
a holiday taken by two people who have just got married
domestic tourism
the taking of holidays by people in their own country
sustainable tourism
the taking of holidays without causing damage to the environment, for example by not flying to places
a small hotel or pub, especially an old one in the countryside
a hotel for people who are travelling by car, where you can park your car outside your room
a house with a steep sloping roof, common in places with high mountains and snow such as Switzerland
a holiday home that you buy with other people so that you can each spend a period of time there every year, or when you arrange to do this
an area where people can camp, often with a water supply and toilets
dude ranch
a holiday place in the US where you can ride horses and live like a cowboy
full board
a hotel offering full board provides guests with all their meals
half board
the price of a room in a hotel that includes breakfast and one othe meal
relating to a holiday in which you stay in a place where you can cook your own food
long-haul destination
a place for a holiday that is a very long way away
tourist attraction
a place that many tourists visit
tourist trap
a place that many tourists visit, but where drinks, hotels etc are more expensive - used to show disapproval
high/peak season
the time of year when businesses make a lot of money and prices are high, especially in the tourist industry
the off/low season
the time of year when fewer people are on holiday and there is less business for hotels etc, and prices are usually lower than normal