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I didn't go to work yesterday
Вчера я не ходил на работу
He didn't find any information on the Internet yesterday
Он не нашел никакой информации в Интернете вчера
We didn't have enough free time last week
У нас не было свободного времени на прошлой неделе
They didn't understand the lecture
Они не поняли лекцию
She didn't watch TV yesterday morning
Вчера утром она не смотрела телевизор
They didn't get married last month
Они не поженились в прошлом месяце
He didn't arrive late for the meeting yesterday
Он не опоздал на собрание вчера
She didn't read any English books as a child
Она не читала книги на английском в детстве
She didn't do the shopping last week
Она не ходила за покупками на прошлой неделе