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creep, keep, kneel, sleep, weep

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creep crept crept
to move slowly, quietly and carefully, because you do not want to be seen or heard (ползти, красться)
keep kept kept
to continue to have something and not give it back or throw it away (держать, сохранять)
kneel knelt knelt
to be in or move into a position where your body is supported on your knee or knees (встать на колени)
sleep slept slept
to rest with your eyes closed and your mind and body not active (спать)
sweep swept swept
to clean a room, surface, etc. using a broom (= a type of brush on a long handle) (подметать)
weep wept wept
to cry, usually because you are sad (плакать, хныкать)
sell sold sold
to give something to somebody in exchange for money (продавать)
tell told told
to give information to somebody by speaking or writing (говорить, рассказывать)