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to cover a lot of ground
Sử dụng rất nhiều tài liệu: The history lecture ______ today.
to tailor teaching styles
biến đổi phương pháp dạy học: When faced with classes of students with different levels of ability, teachers should _______ to deal with this challenge.
a high-flyer
người ham học: The problem with our teacher is that she explains things too quickly for most of the students and she pays most attention only to the academic ____ in the class.
transmission of knowledge
truyền đạt kiến thức: I believe that the ______ is more effective in face-to-face interaction with teachers rather than online learning.
interactive learning
hình thức học tương tác: With or without the aid of technology, _____ helps students strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills.
to bombard someone with something
khủng bố thông tin: Every day it seems as if we are ________ e-mail messages warning of computer viruses
to have a good grasp of something
thấu hiểu, nắm bắt cái gì: Children who begin to learn a foreign language in primary school are usually able to ________ the new language quickly.
to make a grade
đạt tiêu chuẩn/kết quả: Nobody can succeed in their studies if they rely on luck rather than hard work ______.
continuous assessment
đánh giá liên tục: Many students prefer _______ because they consider that exams are unfair and too stressful.
to be out of one's depth
vượt qua khả năng nhận thức: Streaming in schools enables pupils to study at the level which is _ I appropriate for them, and therefore students rarely find themselves out _____
a formal examination
kỳ thi chính thức: Entrance to university usually involves achieving required grades in _______, such as IELTS.
to work your way through university
làm việc khi đang là sinh viên để trang trải: He had ______ because his family was so poor that they could not afford his tuition fees.
to take a year out
nghỉ 1 năm để trải nghiệm: ______ before starting your degree course can give you a chance to further develop your skills, as well as giving you the opportunity perhaps to travel and work in a different country.
to sift information
loại bỏ thông tin: I had to ___ hundreds of pages____ to discover the data that I needed to support my theory.
to study under supervision
học dưới sự hướng dẫn của ai đó: At college, I discovered I did not have _______ all the time, and I was free to do independent research.
Top-tier institutions
những tổ chức giáo dục hàng đầu: The government has pumped huge amounts of money into a select group of _______ in recent years
to deliver a lecture
giảng bải: It is just as easy to ______ online as it is to give a lecture in front of a class of students in a lecture theatre
streaming in schools
phân lớp ở trường học: One disadvantage of _______ is that children in the lower groups have less motivation to study because they think of themselves as failures.
extra-curricular activities
hoạt động ngoại khóa: Most UK universities offer a wide range of _______ such as sport, music and drama to help students enjoy university life to the full.
to fall behind with your studies
học đuối: Irregular attendance at classes is one of reasons why some students ______.
to drop out of college
bỏ học: A number of students _______ when faced with the pressure of formal exams.
to pay off a student loan
trả nợ sinh viên: Owing to the difficulties of _________, some young people prefer to look for a job after leaving school.
to impose discipline
áp đặt kỷ luật: If teachers fail to ______ in class, then students will not learn anything.
to disrupt lessons
cản trở tiết học: If strict discipline is not imposed on pupils who ______ then the education of all the children in the school will suffer.
distance learning
học từ xa: Although she lives in a remote rural area, she is able to study for a degree by ______.
to give feedback
đưa ra phản hồi: It is essential for teachers to _________ to students so that students understand their mistakes and can improve
face-to-face learning
học trực tiếp: ________ motivates students and encourage interaction in the classroom
to sit an exam
tham gia một kỳ thi: Some students claim that they feel more motivated to study when they have to _____ at the end of their course
tertiary education
học đại học: Some school leavers prefer to start work rather than ______.
a virtual classroom
lớp học ảo: Many people argue that the ______ will replace traditional teaching methods, eliminating the need for teachers