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to bear a striking resemblance
to look very similar to
cropped hair
very short hair
disheveled hair
untidy hair
to dress up to the nines
to dress very smartly or glamorously
fair hair
light-coloured hair
to be fair-skinned
light skinned
to get done up
to dress smartly
to be getting on a bit
to be getting old
to go grey
to have hair that is turning grey
to be good looking
to be attractive
to grow old gracefully
to act in a way that embraces the fact you are getting older
to be hard of hearing
to find it difficult to hear
in his/her 30s/40s
to be 20/30 something
dressed untidily
to look young for your age
to look younger than you are
to lose one’s figure
to have a figure that has lost its toned shape
natural skin colour and texture
make up
medium height
average height
approximately between 45-65
to never have a hair out of place
perfectly styled hair
to be overweight
to weigh more than is regarded as healthy
pointed face
the opposite of a round face
shoulder-length hair
hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further
slender figure
a figue that is tall and slim
slim figure
attractively thin
thick hair
a lot of hair
to wear glasses
to use spectacles
to be well-built
to be muscular
to be well-turned out
to look smart
youthful appearance
to look young