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to access websites/email
to locate
to back up files
to make a copy of files in case of a computer problem
to boot up
to start a computer
to bookmark a webpage
to mark a webpage for future reference
to browse websites
to look at websites
a computer buff
an expert computer user
to crash
to suddenly stop working
to cut and paste
to move text or images from one place in a document to another place
a desktop PC
a computer that isn’t portable and remains in situ on a desk
digital editing
to edit digital materials like audio or video files
download (podcasts)
to save a copy of a file from the internet to your own device
to enter a web address
to type the address of a website into the address bar of your browser
a gadget
a technological tool like a mobile phone or camera
to go online
to start using the Internet
high-spec (laptop)
powerful computer with top quality components
Internet security
Internet safety
a network of connected computers within an organisation that is not accessible by unauthorised visitors
to navigate a website
to find your way around a website
operating system
the software that tells the computer how to work
send an attachment
send an email with an accompanying file
social media
media used to interact with other people such as Facebook or Twitter
to surf the web
to look at a series of websites one after the other
a techie
somebody who has an interest in technology
to upgrade
to obtain a more powerful or feature-rich computer or piece of software
video conferencing
to see and hear people from different locations using the Internet
wireless hotspot
a public place where you can access the Internet
wireless network
a network where users can access the Internet without the use of fixed cables
word processing
producing written texts on a computer