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an athletics meeting
an event where various athletics sports are held
an athletics track
a running track
an away game
a football match played in the opposing teams stadium
a brisk walk
a fast walk
a football fan
someone who likes football
a fitness programme
a schedule of activities to keep fit
a football match
a game of football
a football pitch
the surface on which you play football (as opposed to a stadium which is the building)
a football season
a period in the year when football is played
to get into shape
to become fit
to go jogging
to run around the streets
a home game
a football match played in the teams own stadium
to keep fit
to stay in good physically condition
to be out of condition
to not be physically fit
a personal best
to achieve the best personal result so far in a sport
a personal trainer
a sports coach that helps you on a one-to-one basis
to run the marathon
to run a distance of 42.195 Kilometres
a season ticket
a ticket that gives you entry to most of a team’s home games during the sporting year.
to set a record
to achieve the best result in a sport
a sports centre
a public building where people can do various sports
sports facilities
the equipment and services needed to do a sport
a badminton court
the surface where you play badminton
strenuous exercise
exercise that needs a lot of physical effort
a strong swimmer
a good swimmer
a swimming pool
the place where you swim
to take up exercise
to start doing exercise
to train hard
to train with a lot of effort