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to attend classes
đến lớp. to go to classes
boarding school
trường nội trú. a school where pupils live during term time
distance learning
học từ xa. a way of studying where tuition is carried out over the Internet or by post
face-to-face classes
lớp học (dạng thông thường).as opposed to distance learning the traditional way of studying in a classroom with colleagues and a teacher
to fall behind with your studies
tụt dốc trong việc học. to progress less quickly than others
to give feedback
hướng dẫn. to offer guidance on a student’s work
higher education
giáo dục đại học. education, usually in a college or university, that is followed after high school or secondary school
an intensive course
khóa học tập trung. a course that offers lots of training in order to reach a goal in as short a time as possible
to keep up with your studies
to not fall behind
to learn something by heart
học tập trung. to memorize it
a mature student
học viên lớn tuổi. a student who is older than average and who has usually returned to education after a period at work
to meet a deadline
hoàn thành theo thời hạn. to finish a job or task in the time allowed or agreed
to play truant
bỏ học. to stay away from classes without permission
private language school
trường ngôn ngữ tư nhân. an independent language school run as a business concern
public schools
trường công. exclusive independent schools in the UK
a single-sex school
trường dành riêng cho một giới (nam hoặc nữ). a school where only boys or girls attend (as opposed to a mixed-sex school)
to sit an exam
làm bài kiểm tra. to take an exam
state school
trường công 2. a school paid for by public funds and available to the general public
subject specialist
giáo viên bộ môn. a teacher who has a great deal of knowledge about the subject they teach.
to take a year out
nghỉ một năm trước khi học đại học. to spend a year working or travelling before starting university
tuition fees
học phí. the money paid for a course of study
to work your way through university
vừa làm vừa học. to have a paid job whilst studying to support yourself financially
the curriculum
chương trình học. the entire school program including course materials and testing of students. Everything that a school aims to teach students.
giáo dưỡng. to help grow or develop
sư phạm. the way of teaching including the instructional methods that is used
bằng cấp. what someone gets when they graduate from school. For instance, a diploma is a ~.
social skills
kỹ năng xã hội. the ability to communicate and interact well with others
student centred education
dạy học lấy học sinh làm trung tâm. a philosophy of education where the student is the central focus
phân nhóm (vd theo giới). separated. For example, the classes are ~ by gender.
học qua trải nghiệm. to learn by actually doing. We can get ~ experience by actually doing things.
thuộc dạy nghề. concerns teaches the skills necessary for a particular job. This concept is often applied to trade schools. So if you studying cooking or the penetration you are going to a ~ school.