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Technology + phrasal verbs

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Someone who loves new technology
the most modern and recently developed methods, materials, or knowledge
cutting-edge technology
the newest and most exciting technology
modern gadgets in general - sometimes used in order to show disapproval:
artificial intelligence
AI the study of how to make computers do intelligent things that people can do, such as think and make decisions
break down
become ineffective, separate into parts
turn down
reject, reduce the volume/temperature
set off
star a journey, cause sth to operate
turn up
appear, increase the volume/temperature
blow up
(cause to) explode, enlarge (a photo)
turn over
change position, watch a different TV channel
identity theft
any crime in which someone steals personal information about and belonging to another person
cyber bullying
when someone is harassed, threatened or humiliated over the Internet
rush off
depart in a hurry
keep on
to continue or persist in (doing something)
speak up
speak louder; raise one's voice