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from now on
from this time into the future
ill at ease
Uncomfortable or worried in a situation
to be carried away (by, with)
to be greatly affected by a strong feeling (S)
to be up to
to be responsible for deciding; to be doing as a regular activity
to do over
to revise, to do again (S)
to find fault with
to criticize, to complain about something
to get through doing something
to finish, to complete
to keep away (from)
to stay at a distance (from) (S); to avoid use of (also stay away from)
to keep out
not to enter, not allow to enter (S)
to keep track of
to keep or maintain a record of; to remember the location of
to look into
to investigate, to examine carefully (also to check into )
to take hold of
to grasp, to grip with the hands